Speech – Voice Recognition

Speech - Voice Recognition

Voice recognition data refers to audio recordings of human speech used to train a voice recognition AI systems. 

The speech and voice recognition global market has seen significant growth over the past few years owing to the increasing demand for speech and voice-based systems.

After the covid – 19 pandemic hit the demand for smart appliances and devices has increased significantly, work from home trend is also increasing now a days most of the population working from home.

This growing impact of AI on the accuracy of speech and voice recognition, and the rapid proliferation of smart speakers has also created an opportunity for speech and voice recognition providers.

Why Volga Partners is Best Choice for you.

Hundreds and thousands of diversified managed people from different region of the world can make your AI trained data so perfect.

When it comes to quality and support Volga partners has highly trained hundreds and thousands of diversified crowd from different of the world can contributeto make your AI data or Model so perfect.

When your team is more diversified, your AI machine learning model and data will be more accurate. The more you have diversified team or people the best products or models you will get in the end.

VolgaPartners can Help You in
  • Voice Recognition Training data
  • Transcription Services
  • Speech Segmentation
  • Ambient Noise Collections
  • Voice Filtering

Our Services

Data Annotation

Specialize in the areas of Data annotation using Global Team operating in over 20 countries for AI and ML

Data Collection

Physical and virtual data collection for NLP as well as website instrumentation, social insights data and digital marketing

Augmented Reality

With state of the art AR technology, we offer facial recognition data collection, human gesture annotation, image and video labelling

Content moderation

Consistent and unbiased moderation in text, video and images across various global locations and languages

Linguistic Services

Our linguistic service offering includes spelling and autocomplete, computational linguistics, and semantic annotation

Social Media

We evaluate social content for newsfeed preferences, hate speech monitoring, and moderation and sentiment Analysis

Voice Recognition

We offer full speech support including training data, transcription, segmentation, ambient noise collections, and filtering

Search Relevance

We evaluate search engines for search relevance, ads engines, and multimedia retrieval systems

Data Mining and Analytics

Collection, filtering and harmonizing data from various sources to make it more actionable using advanced BI tools

Offshore teams

Cost effective offshore teams while maintaining quality with full oversight using advanced dashboards and KPIs

Location and Maps

We provide location context–aware annotation for route review, data verification, and mapping accuracy

Full Stack Development

Agile based full stack software development including project management, UI/Design, Development and QA testing

Testing Services

Manual, automated and mobile testing solutions. Hardware testing integrated with software testing as per the project needs

Staffing services

Temporary as well as fully managed staffing solutions for both onshore and offshore projects